Major drivers for online healthcare

01 Time & Cost:

The retail and other verticals have gone online, the time and money to access healthcare in large cities is increasingly an issue. Online business enables this in the privacy of their homes at their own time and convenience without having to travel long distances for consultation.

Healthcare eCommerce as other digital commerce segments, customer experience is paramount. The key is to make the online buying process between customer as easy as possible, especially the ordering and tracking functionality.

02 Healthcare Product Content Management

There are several ways that healthcare eCommerce requirements may differ from other B2C eCommerce needs, but one of the main differences is in the variation of content management needs.

Information may vary depending type of services offered creating varying levels of content management needs. The Information for a medical services may be significantly richer per product than other industries.

The level of product sophistication affects content management needs, too. Very rich product content is needed for complex medical services, compared to the information needed for general medical services.

03 Payment Gateways and Security

Secure online transactions between customers are imperative for any B2C eCommerce solution. The solution must be able to support multiple payment options. The eCommerce solution should have the ability to let a customer open and authenticate an account that displays transaction history and information related to services.

04 Administration Console

Behind every great eCommerce experience is the method to manage the platform. Since configuring and managing an eCommerce site involves help from multiple people spanning a few internal departments, it’s critical that an intuitive, efficient interface exists to find and configure all available settings or information. Business-users today expect software to be quick and responsive to their needs, allowing them to accomplish their jobs accurately and efficiently.

05 ht-consumer-demand

A massive shift in popular mindset about healthcare is underway that will generate the consumer driven demand for healthcare products and services. Consumers have started demanding services that can cater to them in a personalised manner.

Services purchased on HǣlthLink are paid to healthcare provider within days helping to improve cash flow. HǣlthLink charges its third-party healthcare provider a referral fee for each sale which is a percentage of the sales price.


  • Prescription Request
  • Prescription Fullfillment
  • Home Delivery of medicines
  • Ongoing refill of medicines


  • Specialties and services
  • Service schedules
  • Doctors specialties and services
  • Doctors schedules
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacy prescriptions


  • Laboratory tests


  • Doctors specialties and services
  • Doctors locations (Hospital & Clinics)
  • Doctors schedules and appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Laboratory tests
  • Tele-Medicine


  • In-patient Health Insurance
  • Out-patient Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurances
  • Other insurance products and servicess


  • Hospital and Clinic Services
  • Doctors Services / Specialties
  • Laboratory servicess
  • Pharmacy prescription
  • Health Insurance services


  • Laboratory Test Request
  • Laboratory Test Result
  • Prescription Request
  • Prescription Fullfillment
  • Hospital procedure results and recommendations
  • Doctor feedback and recommendations


  • Customer payment

Payment Gateway